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PRODUCT NAME:Nanocrystals water mesotherapy

No needle above instrument using forced oxygen liquid into the air compressor equipment, particle type water droplets can be converted to small molecular weight function of the skin (5-200 microns) vm, ultrafine, ultra-high speed tiny water droplets in spray (jet spray) form, with a speed of 200 m/SEC (s) (supersonic) made from a special designed nozzle, speed injected liquid into human skin ground floor.

Direct injection of high pressure jet into dermal dermis without harming epidermal cells.Truly less trauma, comfortable and painless, avoiding pain and edema caused by injection, it is a new multi-functional needle-free injection platform that can truly replace the non-invasive nature of injection.

Without needle, water and light can replace the essence of injection with injection and instantly reach the dermis, bringing the SPA experience of ease and comfort to the healer.The pain and edema caused by the injection were avoided, and the absorption rate was more than 10 times higher than that of the normal application., drugs and essence from the epidermis to leather base layer, in subcutaneous diffuse distribution of liquids, working time is fast, the absorption rate high, dry, dark, edema, black rim of the eye, pouch, splash, pore bulky, acne, scar, crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles, table linen, germinal, hyperhidrosis, etc



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