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PRODUCT NAME:INDIBA Deep Beauty Proionic Body Care

1. IBA high-frequency deep-heat instrument is throughthe high-frequency energy projected into the human body,from the skin layer of cortex to produce deep heat,decomposition of fat, so as to achieve weight loss.
2. IBA high-frequency deep-heat instrument radiationhigh-frequency current to the human body , because of itsvery small vibration amplitude, so almost no ion motionphenomenon, and also don’t produce electrical chemicalreaction or electrical decomposition.
3. IBA high- frequency conduction to the humanbody, then the body tissue will be hot. This is because whenthe high frequency current is applied to the human body,whenever the current changes direction, the molecules thatmake up the organization will produce vibrations andproduce mutual friction to rotate, twist and conflict motion.So that the body tissue to produce biological heat, this heat iscalled deep heat.




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