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PRODUCT NAME:Hip therapy instrument

Pelvic physiotherapy:

By 4 airbags, hip regulate instrument in rhythmic pressure to relax, extrusion can improve the pelvis width of the pelvis, pelvic position behind the feeling warm and vibration, but also can alleviate the eggs 巣 fuqua problem such as diameter and pain and constipation.

Tight hips:

Many women have saggy hips as they age, as the hips open outward, causing the hips to stretch outward, causing the hips to widen and sag.The "hip bone conditioner" pressurizes the air sacs, pushing the muscles of the pelvis and both sides of the thigh into the body and feeling the hips begin to tighten and lift, and the hips naturally rise.

Ovarian care:

Arch of far infrared heater, also in vibration on the base with fever, energy stone begins to release far infrared ray, fairy bone can feel a hot here, the warm penetration into the pelvic cavity, far infrared radiation to the inside, fix your son work damaged cells, help lymph flow, make the pelvic cavity viscera relaxes, improve the girl's shadow of relaxation, make it tight.

Type O leg physiotherapy:

It is an effective method to eliminate radish legs, O - shaped legs and edema by pressurizing the two air sacs, and returning lymphatic fluid and venous blood from the compressed legs to the heart.



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