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PRODUCT NAME:Life Code Operator
Operator using amplification human brain waves, through 1 KHZ - 10 KHZ current acting on the human body, from the inside out dredging the channel, dredging the bones, repair damaged cells, promote human detoxification and promote blood circulation, improve health and treatment of disease, a certain frequency of electrical stimulation can cause muscle contractions, have the effect of exercise muscle, muscle and skin tightening.

"Chinese medicine gas" that is bio-current, in traditional Chinese medicine, has been known as "gas" thing is a "biological current", the body of the so-called "gas" is a biological current, we said "gas weakened"is actually the loss of biological energy. Meridian is the channel of some biological current, the acupoint is trigger point to clear these channels or interfere with the biological current .It can be seen that many of the "mysteries" of traditional Chinese medicine are also scientific principles. Over the years, medical scientists have also found that in the same diet conditions, always barefoot children playing on the ground than always wearing shoes children more healthy and strong. it was analyzed that this is due to the foot by more massage, Stimulating the growth of the human body, which is not exact. The real reason is that children with barefoot have more opportunities to come into contact with the surface of free electrons, their bones develop better, which is consistent with the theory of Chinese medicine "people are inseparable from the ground".

Medical scientists have long known that human health is linked to a "biological current" in the body.Many diseases of the human body are related to ions in the body.Scientists concluded that biological electric current can resist disease, safeguard human health, some scientists proved through the experiment, when the body's bone damage, its healing must rely on the body of "biological electric current", otherwise, the bone wouldn't recover,even cause osteonecrosis.Case: scientists will some rabbit hind limbs fixed up, after a few months found that they are suffering from osteoporosis, then use micro electric current to stimulate disease rabbit hind legs, new bone tissue soon formed.

The results show that the current has an effect on maintaining osteoblast activity and balancing osteoclasts.

Professor Bell of Germany has pointed out: the basic activities of life is essentially electronic transmission, if the electronic transmission stopped, and human life will end.Modern life science research that the essence of human life movement is the essence of current, every few seconds in life have hundreds or even hundreds of Coulomb's electricity in the human body flow, known as the biological current.In the process of human life, the body of electronic consumption and supply should be equal, so as to maintain the normal physiological function of the human body. If the power supply discharge imbalance,it can lead to disorders of tissues and organs in the body, which is the important reasons of various diseases in the human body.




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