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PRODUCT NAME:1550nm Erbium Fractional laser
Sellas1550 nanometer fiber lattice laser is a high energy and accurate role in non-invasive laser equipment, optical fiber dot matrix laser technology greatly reduces the risk and pain of the patient, even the eyelid and lower eyelid edge can be treated, and 1550 nm Optical fiber dot matrix laser in the skin to stimulate the heat at the same time, but also accurate stimulation of the skin below the 2mm skin papillary layer of the skin can not see the small trauma, automatically open the skin "wound repair mechanism" to achieve collagen stimulation and contraction of collagen Protein such a double effect. It can provide the most extensive treatment area to solve most of the skin problems. South Korea in the laser beauty market share of similar products first. Korea Sellas1550 nano-fiber lattice laser has been SFDA certification, FDA certification, CE certification.
Treatment principle:
The concept of lattice laser is to divide a continuous laser spot into a series of discontinuous uniformly distributed focused lattices. The diameter of each point is about 60 μm. The distance between points and points is much larger than the diameter of the point. At these points, the energy density is high, the laser through the skin deep into the leather, forming a series of columnar micro-hot zone. In this region, intracellular water absorbs 1550nm erbium glass laser, heats up necrosis. While the surface of the stratum corneum rarely water, the light is basically transparent and remain intact, save the barrier to the skin. In this necrotic area, is not affected by normal cells. Their regeneration function, the rapid start of the rehabilitation process. Through the new horny, collagen and fibroblasts regeneration and migration and replace the necrotic tissue, to achieve the purpose of some skin remodeling and regeneration.



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