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Permanent hair removal principle:
The use of strong pulsed light directly on the depth of 15mm of energy, with the RF radio frequency to prevent hair growth, but will not hurt the sweat glands, hair follicles are closed, hair no melanin naturally not in growth, hair growth growth has three cycles: Period, maturity, dormant period, only in the growing season of hair can be effectively removed, so hair removal needs 4-6 times.
Freckle principle:
The use of intense pulsed light extraction of deep skin pigment and decomposition, the use of RF radio frequency to promote its exclusion from the lymph, part of the skin through the metabolism of their own discharge.
Rejuvenation whitening wrinkle shrink pores to enhance the principle:
The use of intense pulsed light RF RF stimulation of the dermis of the skin fibrous tissue, promote collagen proliferation, and accelerate the rearrangement of cell tissue, so as to achieve rejuvenation whitening, wrinkle, shrink pores to enhance the effect.
Elimination of red blood principle:
The use of strong pulse light to make skin lesions capillary coagulation, RF radio frequency can accurately lock the lesion site, so that the pulse light to play a stronger role through the skin and lymph metabolism to eliminate the role of red blood, clear blood vessels after operation, color Purple effect is best.



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