The meiyitianmei is a dedicated laser vibrating mirror products R & D and production of power enterprises. The company's main products, micro mechanical beauty mirror, 2D mirror, 3D mirror, a light guide arm, laser marking machine / cutting machine, marking card, control system, all kinds of field lens, laser and various types of supporting system and independent research and development system and other products. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries in the world medical cosmetology institutions, large and medium-sized industrial processing plants, etc., has been widely praised by customers from all walks of life.

The United States also Tim adhering to the customer first, the principle of quality first, science and technology R & D team with solid strength, growing in short period at the same time, not only the performance of the original main mirror products continue to improve, the more developed the mainstream Star product development of a new generation of beauty products in the world -- mechanical pulse CO2 lattice beauty machine! The birth of super pulse CO2 dot matrix beauty machine symbolizes that laser beauty products are moving toward a new era, which leads more women to experience perfect beauty!

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